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We import and supply affordable bitcoin & Crypto asic miners in South Africa. No need to pay heavy taxes and shipping fees- buy asic miners directly from SA Crypto Miners and have your miners delivered to your doorstep in a few days.

We have partnered with Lulalend to offer finance to our customers to make it even easier to start crypto mining in South Africa. 

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S.A Crypto Miners is the best place to buy asic miners if you worried about international trade scams. We have trusted relations directly with manufacturers with big partners in finance & insurance to back our trade. 

No Import Taxes

Spend R0 on import taxes & customs nightmares when you order from us

Trusted & Local

We are trusted and deliver on our promises or your money back!

Safe & Speedy Delivery

Secure deliveries via UPS & DHL Express. Receive your order within a few days

Service & Repairs

Service & Support offering on your miners. Expert advice on repairs

Cheapest Asic Miners for Sale

Canaan Avalon, Bitmain, MicroBT Bitcoin, Iceriver Asic miners and more coming soon…


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  • Min 12 months in business 
  • Minimum Revenue of R50K per month