Immersion Cooling Made Easy

The #1 Choice for Home Miners

The immersion liquid cooling kit is a user-friendly immersion mining kit specifically designed for individual miners. Its compact size allows for deployment in various locations such as garages, offices, basements, farms, etc., whether you possess a single mining machine or up to six mining machines.
Immersion Cooling Starter Kit


  • Launched at CES2022
  • Support 1x ASIC inside
  • 4300W@30°C | Quiet & Stable
  • Includes Drycooler
Immersion Cooling Basic Kit


  • Launched at CES2023
  • Support 2x ASICs inside
  • 12kW@30°C | Heat recovery
  • Includes Drycooler
Immersion Cooling Proffesional Kit


  • Support 6x ASICs inside
  • 24kW@35°C | Smart Adjustment
  • Boosted Capacity | Enhanced Stability
  • Includes Drycooler

Large Scale Mining Farms


Let us assist with designing your next big mining farm. 


* M20 Tank x16
* Can accommodate 320x M66/M56 miners inside.
* Includes LED Lighting System, Ventilation System, Air Filter, Remote Temperature Sensors, Remote Smoke Sensors, CCTV.
* Supports remote monitoring of the liquid cooling system (liquid level, temperature, voltage, etc.).

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